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Get Community Tab on Your YouTube channel

After you get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube, you may waiting for Community tab to be enabled in your YouTube channel but still its not enabled and you want a solution for this?

You're on the good way that fits to you.

What is Community Tab on YouTube channel?

One of the great YouTube's feature for Creators is Community Tab, this feature help for Creators to upload images, gifs, short videos, texts, and apart from this this feature have a great tool that help Creators to be able give a poll option for their followers, With these feature YouTube Community Tab is of the Great feature for both users and creators, through this feature YouTubers can easily engage with their Subscribers.

YouTube Community Tab is usually located in the Navigation bar between playlist and Channels Tabs (or Stories if it is enabled in some YouTube Channels).

How to enable Community Tab on YouTube channel?

Community Tab is not Enabled in all YouTube channels by default, instead YouTube gives this feature for those having more that 1000 Subscribers, So if you have lower than 1000 Subscribers you won't be able to see this Community Tab enabled in your YouTube channel.

In General if you wants Community tab enabled on your YouTube channel You need to fill these requirements,

  • 1. You must have over 1000 subscribers
  • 2. You YouTube channels custom layout must be enabled for the Community tab to be visible, to do so go through these instruction
  • 3. After passing your 1000 subscribers you need to wait up to 1 week or be be longer in some cases, so be patient.

If you want community tab enabled on your channel during this Pandemic period, please wait,

Like every offices nearest to you delaying their service due to COVID-19, the same YouTube may delaying in their work to do all, the staff. So Please be patient after some days or weeks you will be able to see your Community tab enabled on your YouTube channel.

Be patient, keep building your channel, do all the necessary things that your channel needed like Your channel customization, Then finally you will see your Community tab enabled right after few days, week or in some cases may be more.

That's it for today, I hope it helps you. Thank You for reading,

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