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Top 10 tips and tricks for Microsoft windows Users


Microsoft windows is the King of computer operating systems. Yes Microsoft window is the most used computer operating system in the world. Currently almost 75% of computers are running on Microsoft Windows. But as it's popular it never meant it's easy to use.

If you're a Microsoft Windows user or want to know some amazing tips and tricks for it then you are in the right place. Today we're going to share some amazing and eye opening ideas for Microsoft you never listened about.

Microsoft Windows 10

1. You can turn on blue light filter on your computer

Everyone knows that we can use blue light files on our mobile, but do you know that you can use this same thing on your computer?

To use the blue light filter in your computer first go in the bottom left corner and click here. Here you will find an option EXPAND. click on this and you will see a function night mode. Here you can customize your screen resolutions.

2. Split screens or multiple screens

In Microsoft windows you can use multiple screens at same time in a single monitor.

To activate this function simply open 2 or more applications and then press the windows +tab button and a new screen will be highlighted. Here click on the new screen and a new screen will be created. You can use multiple screens by this method.

3. Voice typing in computer

Yes as in your mobile now you can use voice typing in computer.

To activate this function simply start typing and then press windows+h then click on blue line and activate it. Now press again windows +h. Voice typing is activate now.

4. Inbuilt video editor

Now you don't need to install any video editing software to make a new video for your photos. If you have some pictures and want to convert them in video then select all pictures than click right. Here you will find a option for create a video, simply click on this and start editing.

5. Use your computer as mobile hotspot

If your computer is connected with internet and you want to use it as a hotspot then click on start button and type here hotspot then click on hotspot and on it. Here you can edit the settings for your hotspot like mobile.

6. On screen keyboard

If your physical keyboard is not working properly and you want to use virtual keyboard then you don't need to solve any mathematical equations. Just go on start button and type here osk and you would have keyboard on your computer screen.

7. Change password without old password

What would you do if you forgot your computer password? Do you know that you can change your password without old password. For this function just go in command prompt and run it as a administrator. Now a new file will open. Simply type net user.

Now a new file will open. Here in the end of file type simply net user username new password and click ok. Your password will be changed.

8. Encrypt your folder

If you are a privacy freak person and don't want to anyone to access your files. Then simply click on the folder or files you want to encrypt. Now click right and click on advance. Here you will see a option to encrypt your folder. You can encrypt it now.

9. On dark mode in windows computer

Now In windows computer you can use dark mode as you usually have in mobile. To enable this go in windows settings and go in personalization. Here you will find a option colour. Click on this and scroll down. In the end you will find a option dark mode. Activate it and enjoy.

10. All your shortcuts in single click

If you want to access all of your shortcuts in a single click then don't worry it is not a touch process. Simply right click on the start button. Here you will find a list of all the available shortcuts.

Thank you guys for your appreciation. We would like to inform you that we upload regularly content related to tech so check out our other posts. Don't forget to provide feedback about this post. Thanks.

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