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Two easiest methods to capture screenshot from your windows 10

capturing screen shot from windows 10


Capturing your computers screenshot is an incredible useful thing like your phones screenshot to share with social medias or storing in your device's memory storage.

Screenshots are so useful we can take screenshot of any displayed screen on our device but some apps do not allow us to take any screenshot from or on their services.

But most of the apps on the internet allow us to take any screenshot of their service. Now lets take a look on how to capture screenshots from your windows 10.

How to capture your windows 10 screenshot?

You have two easiest methods to take screenshot from your windows 10.

1st Method: How To Make A Screenshot image Without Any Additional Programs

To take screenshot--> on your Keyboard press the windows key and Print Scrn or SYSRQ at the same time.

pressing on keyboard for capturing screenshot

After when you pressed those two tabs your computer screen will make slightly sign mean your hole screen will captured, Then to find your captured screenshot go to your computer's storage and open your picture folder finally you will see the image inside your screenshot folder.

2nd Method: How To Take a Screenshot of a Specific Part of Your Computer Screen

pressing on keyboard for capturing screenshot

Not Like your smartphone your Computer can take screenshot from the part of its screen, Mean you can take screenshot of any part you want from the screen.

To do that..

In the right footer part of your windows 10 screen you have search placeholder , ... type there snipping tool

screenshot of windows 10

Next Click in the app icon, Then a small box will popup on your screen like the image below. Next click on the New tab.

screenshot of windows 10

Then, your screen will slightly blur and next stay press your mouse and drag the screen part of what you want to take screenshot.

After you sized the screen you want to take screenshot, leave your mouse and your cropped screenshot will appear of inside another large box, next your screenshot will be already taken.

Here you have an option to make some changes with the help of that app, if you want to draw over your cropped screenshot or to make other changes, do it there.

Finally Don't forget to save.

screenshot of windows 10

To save your screenshot and other changes, click on the save icon then app will redirect you to choose on which directory or folder you want to save the image. Finally click Save.

That's it. I hope this tutorial helps you on better understanding for taking screenshot of your windows 10 computer screen.

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