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What is an URL Expander?

URL Expander is a link expanding facility that allows you to trace your shortened link and retrieve the original URL from it. It follows the path of the link, shows the full redirection track, and redirects to the final landing link.

Our URL Redirect Checker also provides further important information about the link such as title, description, keywords, author of the link, full redirect track, link safety, and screenshot of the original landing page.

How does our URL Expander tool work?

Our URL Redirect Checker is a free Link Expander tool that crawls and follows your shortened link until it reaches the final destination link. It provides a full detailed summary of the link redirections under the final link detail section along with Title, description, keywords, author details, the link`s alive status, site safety verification, and a screenshot of the final landing page.

Using our Link Expander tool is super easy. All you need is to paste your shortened link and click on the Expand button.

Why use a URL redirect checker?

URL Tracker Tool helps you to see the full track of the shortened link and surf safely by verifying the link`s safety and integrity. It also aids you to troubleshoot your redirect link issues by identifying the broken links and your own internal site links as a 301-redirect checker, redirect tracker, and URL tester.

SEO experts and web developers can use the Link Expander tool as a broken link checker to diagnose broken links in the site. Our link checker helps you to resolve 404 error, broken SEO backlinks issues, canonical links issues and 301 and 302 redirect issues.

Our Online Tool is for your online Safety.

For common users, it`s a very helpful tool to surf safely online.

Affiliate marketers usually use short links to shorten their long affiliate and social media links. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can use this short URL checker tool to verify the online status of your affiliate links.

Link Unshorten tool converts your short links or hidden URLs to original long URLs and helps you to identify any malicious link, a potential virus threat, phishing attacks, and other virus threats by allowing you to verify link safety and integrity status on Google, WOT (Web Of Trust), Norton, and Site Advisor.

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Freselam's profile
4 months ago
Great, This tool helps me a lot.  👍
Kifle Tesfay's profile
Kifle Tesfay
3 days ago

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