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Last Updated: 15-Aug-2022

Seller Agreement Policy:

By using you agree to the following terms and conditions, privacy policy, returns and refund rules of our site.

1. Seller must agree to our privacy policy.

The seller must not store any of our customer addresses or any other kind of personal data. Doing so will result in terminating their account.

2. All communication between the customer and seller should be done using the secured chat system of our platform.

Asking and trying to communicate with the customer outside of our site will result in account suspension.

3. Responsible for the items availability and shipping.

The sellers must get their items ready whenever a ticket is generated requesting the purchase of their items. The seller must pay for the shipping and ship the package using a secure global standard and fast shipping service.

4. Transaction money will be held in Escrow temporarily

Transaction money of all the dealings will be held temporarily in a secured Escrow account until the item has been successfully received at the customer`s end. This money will include the item listing price by the seller, plus the shipping price calculated by our system. Once the seller/customer reports the successful delivery of the item, the money will be released into the seller`s account as per the selling policy.

5. All shipping price

Shipping price is listed by the item Seller, then will be calculated by our system. The shipping calculation system is available on the site. The sellers must accept this policy and can see it for further clarification.

6. 7% service charges per transaction.

We will charge 7% of the total price of the item sold through our system. Thereby, a seller should list the items with the right price that includes the 7% service charges, shipping price, and their profit as well.

7. 30 days return policy.

If Item Return were Allowed by the Seller, The seller must accept the return of any product if the customer raises a return ticket within 30 days after the product has been sold to ensue 30 days money-back guarantee.

8. Whenever a customer raises a return ticket

We ask for a reason for returning. Once we receive the item, we'll review it thoroughly. If we found the reason was valid then we'll accept the return claim of the customer. Afterward, we'll inform the customer to deliver the item to the seller and the seller must accept the returned item. The shipping price will be paid by the customer and then the shipping price of the returned item will be charged from the seller`s account and finally returned to the customer`s account.

9. Automated email system for the sold items.

Whenever an item is sold, a system-generated email will be sent to the owner (seller) of the item so that they can fasten the delivery of the package.

10. Seller should focus on

A seller should focus on fast delivery of the items ensuring delivery on time, listing the items with good prices, writing a decent description that explains their item briefly, providing good quality images of the products, low shipping cost ASAP, and many more to grow our businesses together!

FAQs from Sellers

From where will Mefth send me my money?

We will send you your money from England (UK).

Through which method Mefth will send me my money?

We will send you your money according to your choices from of this list,
Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal and Bank transfer.

Will I pay for my money transfer?

Yes, You(Seller) must pay for the transfer, which means we will deduct it from your money to transfer it.

How much percent will Mefth take from my income?

Currently We will deduct 7% of any amount of your income.

Who will pay the shipping price?

The buyer/customer will pay for shipping, but firstly the seller should pay to transfer it and his/her money will return back to you.

Who will decide my item price and shipping price?

The seller is responsible for any of all pricing amounts found in his/her items.

Can you help me to calculate how can I make pricing?

Sure, First of all you have to ask the price of the item you want to sell in the marketplace of the country you want to sell.

For Example, if you want to sell Berber in England. In Marketplace of England for 1 Kilo Berber price is £20 which is equivalent to $27 USD

Now you want to sell the Berber for $25 in England, so buyers will get fresh Berber at a cheaper price.

So firstly you have to calculate its shipping price, for 1 Kilo it may cost you around $7 (not sure ask for your Postal service)

So $25 - $7 = $18 Now you have to write the price of the item = $18 and shipping price is = $7

Currently Total Mefth processing fee is 7% of all of the money we will receive on behalf of you.

In this case 7% of $25 is $1.75 So Mefth will cost you $1.75

What final cost will be your money transfer from us to you.

After the customer receives his/her item we will start to send you your money through your prefered money transfer method.

This cost will depend on your choice, But in this example let's say you want your money through transfer/hawela, In this example it will cost you around $2.5.

So let's calculate all of your outcomes and income.

$7 for buying berber (in your local area)

$7 for shipping 1 Kilo berber

$1.75 for Mefth processing fee

$2.5 for your money transfer

Totally it will cost you $18.25

So to know your profit

lets minus it from the original price you post on the item which is $25

$25 - 18.25 = $6.75

So your profit will be $6.75 Dollar from that 1 Kilo Berber only.

Imagine how much profit you will have on many items you sold.

This amount of profit can not be always the same in different countries it may be more or less it depend on the item price in that country and your item's pricing decision, If it seems cheaper you can stop selling your item in that country only.

This means you should first ask the price of the item you want to sell in the country you want to sell, then calculate it using the above method.

When will Mefth send my money?

If your amount of money reaches the minimum threshold ($50) We will send your money on date 10 of each month. But in some cases if you want your money earlier, you can contact us directly.

Who is responsible if my item is returned by the buyer?

Firstly, the buyer will inform us and you, then we will check the reason of item returning case in both the seller and buyer side, if the item has valid case to return then the seller will be responsible for all return price and shipping price.

Otherwise if the item has invalid case to return then the buyer will be responsible for all shipping and returning prices.

Contact us

If you have any question about these agreement Policy, please contact us.