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About Me

Hzbawi Mebrahtu

I'm a professional Photographer who has been work for around a couple of decades as a Photographer, in specifically as a Camera man, Photo and Video Editor. I aleady worked in a lot of celebraties such as weddings, engagements, Baptisms, Birthdays, in any personal and popular meetings and even in the meeting of cabinet ministers.
I have passion to learn and Create new creative visual photos and videos, In the past 20 years I have gained much expirience in creating a creative photos and vidoes in different celebrations.

Been a photographer is not Capturing images or videos only,
Its about making Memories
Creating impressed images to eye
making somthing amazing in visual aspect

Creativity is my passion. I love Creating new images, and my client's happiness is my Goal.

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Kifle profile

Kifle Tesfay

He is a super talented Camera Man, I know him since last 6 years ago, He was a Camera in my wedding day, I recieved my Photos and Videos beyond my expectation from him. I recomend him for everyone.

Bahriya profile

Bahriya Tewelde

Hzbawi is a Great photographer, He was a camera man in my Baptism and I got my Great images and Videos from him, I recommend him to everyone who wants his/her images more creative.

Eden profile

Eden Fshatsen

I'm happy with his great work, I know everyone who was been make as a phographer for him got a highly satisfication. I was impressed by his creativity when he make a great videos and images with his phone only.

Kokob profile

Kokob Tesfaldet

He is not a photographer only, he is a super Guider man too, He was been recommended for me by one of my friends, Then He was a camera man in my wedding day in 2020, I found him a great photographer, assistor, Guider and video editor.

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