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HTML Introduction

html code

What is HTML?

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • HTML is the Key for website structure.
  • HTML describes how the web pages displayed in the browser.

To understand HTML accurately lets assume your body as a website, your skeleton as HTML, your skin color and muscles are as CSS and your movable part of your body (i.e your hand, your leg, your backbone... etc. are as Javascript.

So you know how your skeleton gives the basic structure for your body. the same HTML gives the basic structure for your website.

HTML is not a programming language like JAVA, PHP, Python.. etc. its a marckup language.

Any browser can display HTML file from any source, the important thing is from which accessible source the browser will display it, its either from the device file or through internet protocol.

In order to the web browsers undertand what type of data is the page, HTML must use tags then the tags will tell the browser how and what data will display, but tags are not displayed with the data but it uses the browser just to render the HTML data.

Tags in HTML written as

<tagname> contents goes here </tagname>

HTML was originally developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. He is also known as the father of the web.

What can you do with HTML?

With HTML ..

  • You can display any text in the browser, not text only you can display lists, tables, image, audio, video.
  • You can easily make clickable link.
  • You can make meta tags that tells the browser on how to display the web page.
  • You can write CSS, JS ...etc codes inside of it, to make the web page more suitable per your needs.
  • You can give different structure for your web pages.
  • You can link any file with it. you can make more with HTML.

What will you learn with our HTML tutorial?

You will learn..

  • How web browsers work? and what are the best html code edittors.
  • How to display heading, paragraph and different images.
  • How to make different type of lists and Tables.
  • How to apply style for the web pages
  • How to write the meta tags and how to link different types of files.
  • How to make input forms that takes users data.
  • How to display audios, videos, and YouTube videos inside your web pages, and much mmore.

If you are ready, start learning for the whole tutorial.

In the next chapter you will start our basic HTML editor Tutorial. To continue click next...

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