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Top 10 best videos editor apps for Smartphones

Top 10 best videos editor apps

Are you wondering how to edit your videos to make them more excited and mesmerizing? We are all video editors as an adventure or at least what our mobile phones want us to become.

Video editing is one of the most exciting and fun art which transforms videos and make them the most beautiful while using features of editing.

Obviously, Video making is fun and assuming you need to get a master in it, you should attempt the best video editor applications for android. Although the straightforward video is sufficient to show your ability and others' activity yet a little change is needed to make perfect and top-notch recordings in light of the fact that these kinds of videos look more intriguing in contrast with simple videos.

Video editor applications for mobile convert your basic videos into proficient recordings. These applications give you an assortment of tools to make your videos excellent and appealing. You can cut and manage your videos, add tones and text, change the sound and splendour, select the beautiful themes and formats to share the best videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and different other networks.

We've distinguished 10 of the best video editor applications for Android mobiles that offer a great feature and can help you take your video creation to a higher level. Here are these given below:

1. InShot

InShot video editor apps

This is the best one for android mobile and iOS users and helps you to edit your videos perfectly. There are times when you simply need to edit a video — no need for any effort and no splicing. InShot is a very helpful application that allows its editor to manage, speed up or add music and channels to videos. It's quite essential, yet with that comes high usability. You can also add a simple background of your choice.

This app really working amazingly to help you out by enhancing your videos with InShot’s ‘warm filter’s well you may add a fitting musical track of your choice. I suggest seeing the video completely with earphones, particularly in case you're having an upsetting day.


  • One of the best applications for beginners and advertisers who have relatively little an ideal opportunity for serious video editing.
  • Built-in music library with eminence free alternatives
  • You can add voice-overs and your own music
  • The application has a 4.8-star rating on the Apple Store and over 1M ratings.


  • ❌ It will not work on desktop as not available to use it
  • ❌ Filters and stickers are just accessible with a paid membership
  • ❌ Your video will be watermarked except if you move up to the paid variant

2. WeVideo

WeVideo video editor app

Cloud-based video editing programming app and certainly offers some high-level features and advanced functionality, including sound editing capacities, a library of economically authorized music, and the capacity to share recordings in 4K resolution. Notwithstanding, the free form of WeVideo isn't without its limits.

One significant drawback is that you've just given 10GB of cloud storage. In case you're making a one-off video, this is exactly nice. However, in case you want to edit numerous recordings or videos, you'll need more space. The free form additionally puts a WeVideo watermark on your videos, which isn't great.

WeVideo is additionally accessible as a personal computer product, and accompanies free and paid plans. For a total breakdown of the contrasts between these plans, you may check out their pricing page.


  • This app perfectly designs to access your videos from any device.
  • Paid forms are generally the cheapest one i.e. $4.99 for the Power versions
  • It provides 4k exporting as you may enjoy using it


  • ❌ Only 10GB of capacity and 5 minutes of distributed video accessible on the free form
  • ❌ The most extreme goal is 480p on the free membership
  • ❌ Your video will be watermarked with WeVideo's marking except if you redesign

3. PicPlayPost

pcplaypost video Editor App

This app effectively covered the coolness of photos of your choices. Yet, consider the possibility that you could make a video of your choice. PicPlayPost is a basic application that allows you to do precisely that. Simply just note that the sound from the two videos will play simultaneously, so is certain they will not conflict with each other.


  • You can make alternative formats for your videos, for example, gifs and live photographs
  • It also provides 4k exporting for using


  • ❌ Most important highlights are accessible on the paid form as it were
  • ❌ It is not given the option to paste text from another application
  • ❌ Video will be watermarked with the PicPlayPost marking except if you update

4. VideoShow

VideoShow video Editor App

VideoShow permits you to edit video content in various ways beyond cutting and pasting scenes together. This has got the chance of award-winning app, which has in excess of 400 million clients, permits you to incorporate content overlays, stickers, music, channels, and audio effects to your videos. In view of these features, it fits video makers who need to add a touch greater creativity to a video vlog series, where the video is the principal of one individual talking directly to the camera.


  • Easy-to-utilize yet incredible, with HD sends out accessible with the expectation of free users
  • expansive and costly music library


  • ❌ Your video will be watermarked with VideoShow marking in case you're not on the paid version
  • ❌ You can't export the video without moving up to the paid version

5. Quik

Quik video Editor App

Quik is an amazing video editing android and iOS app developed by GoPro, settling on it the product of decision for individuals who are editing footage from their GoPro camera. Be that as it may, indeed, it can edit content from any source.

The application can oversee up to 75 photographs and video cuts in a single project, and can even sift through this content to help you settle on shrewd editing choices dependent on what the application recognizes in the videos. From time breaches to all-encompassing pieces, Quik can control your media from numerous points of view. The application has in excess of 20 preset high-quality themes to browse and supports eight normal files.


  • Easy-to-utilize and natural application
  • Automatically imports photographs from your camera


  • ❌ This software no longer gets updates from its developer
  • ❌ You possibly approach the cloud when you move up to GoPro PLUS

6. VivaVideo

VivaVideo video Editor App

VivaVideo is one of the best editors mostly used by videos creator. It makes proficient level edits simple for content makers. Free for every single cell phone, the application permits you to manage, merge, accelerate, moderate down, and reverses clasps and pictures in a short measure of time. The application additionally accompanies a basic college and slideshow-producer and offers an assortment of camera focal points to catch new edit-ready videos directly in the application.


  • Fun simply on-trend filters, layouts, and effects
  • Expansive music library with many clips to look over
  • Multi-track editing that permits you to layer voice clips and music


  • ❌ Not provide enough time for videos i.e. five-minute limit for recordings

7. KineMaster

KineMaster video Editor App

KineMaster is a super-flexible and extra features video editing tool loved by most of the people that permit you to edit videos on "different layers." What does that mean? Content makers can add a limitless measure of text overlays, pictures, sound, and surprisingly free penmanship onto their recording for the imaginative detail they or their brand needs. You can also mix different bits of pieces and utilize double exposure to tweak the background in a heap of inventive ways.

For easier editing tasks, obviously, this application offers natural managing and dividing features to gain your video headway simply the manner in which you need it to.


  • Powerful highlights, for example, multi-track editing, layers, and blending modes
  • It has more than 3M reviews on Google Play and a normal rating of 4.5 stars
  • You can share editing videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook directly from the application
  • Provides 4k exports for using purpose


  • ❌ Your video will be watermarked with the KineMaster marking on if you don't move up to Premium
  • ❌ Limited admittance to resources on the free form

8. PowerDirector

PowerDirector video Editor App

This strong video editor has a set-up of creative plan tools only for Android as well for desktop users. Created by CyberLink, the application can assist you with making 4K-quality videos from footage taken with various devices. Unique features incorporate motion tracking, which assists you within on explicit subjects in each casing; video collages, which help you, piece together various photographs into a motion video; and video adjustment, permitting you to eliminate snapshots of "shaky camera" in your recording. PowerDirector can also help you add voiceovers and creative sound utilizing the chroma key.

Large numbers of PowerDirector's features are totally free in the Android application. For a further developed set-up of editing devices, you can put resources into one of CyberLink's paid products beginning at $99.


  • Powerful features, for example, green screen editing, motion graphics, and keyframe controls
  • Incredibly low value contrasted with contenders like Adobe
  • Multi-track editing and courses of events
  • The company continually adds new illustrations and formats for users to look over


  • ❌ Some users have reported that it very well may be the cart
  • ❌ Steep expectation to absorb information for beginners

9. Splice

Splice video Editor App

Splice permits you — as the name recommends — to splice together a unique video clips on your phone to make a moving collage.

It provides a lot of fun playing when using, particularly since Splice even contains a library of melodic tracks that can be utilized as a background for your completed products. You can also utilize the application to manage and edit the various bits of video, and redo progress lengths from one scene to the next.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Familiar easy to use interface
  • Multi-track and course of events editing with layers and covers
  • Not required to sign-in
  • No watermark, in any event, free for all subscribers


  • ❌ Subscription begins at $2.99/week, or $12.97/month, which is pricier than different other options
  • ❌ Effects and music are just accessible for paid supporters

10. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush video Editor App

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing app free for mobile and desktop and provides creativity in a hurry. Any places you are, from your phone to your PC, you can shoot, alter, and share top-notch videos. Fun, natural, and as quick as online media, it's the most effortless approach to star in your supporters' feeds,
The Premiere Rush video editing application has the inventive adaptability to make your content stand apart from the group. With easy desktop and mobile tools for sound, motion designs, and the sky is the limit from there, it's simpler than at any other time to make videos that associate with your crowd from any place you work.


  • One of the best decisions for current Adobe users
  • Familiar video editing interface for those with experience, and simpler expectation to absorb information for novices
  • Provide paid version for 4k exports


  • ❌ Some users report exporting and crashing problems on the Android application
  • ❌ Limited storage capacities like 100 GB for free users


These mobile video editing applications are extraordinary for the individuals who need to make and rapidly post their wonderful manifestations on different social networks.

Video is an incredible advertising tool. When planned and incorporated into a content advertising channel, they can hoist your brand message, drawing in, teaching, and changing over more purchasers into leads and deals. In case you're yet to take the jump and put resources into video promoting, set aside the effort to learn however much you can about your audience.

Thank you for Reading.

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