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Top 5 best video Editing Apps for Android and IOS users

Best free and paid apps for video editing in Smartphone

Hello Everyone, in today's digital world there are a lot of different platforms for uploading videos and earning money, but a common problem occurs for a lot of people. The problem is that everyone doesn't have access to a pc or laptop for video editing and uploading.

video Editing in Smartphone

So in today's post we are present here to help you. Today we're going to share 5 mobile apps that you can use for video editing. The list is based on the following criteria:-

  • User friendly interface.
  • Based on review of users.
  • Our experience with apps.
  • Quality of provided tools.
  • Integrated tools and supported formats.

So these are the 5 apps that you can use on your phone and edit videos easily.

  • 2. ADOBE


Filmorago is one of the best video editing tools in the world. This is available for both android and iOS devices. Filmorago is best for those who are starting their career on YouTube or other platforms. This is fully free to use and you should consider it.


  • Free.
  • No watermarks.
  • Directly upload to YouTube.


  • ❌ No 4k supported.
  • ❌ No multi track editing.

If you are new then Filmorago is for you.


ADOBE'S PREMIERE RUSH is a cross platform software that allows users to access through multi platform. This is a free service but you can unlock a premium pack for more features. But we will advise you to use the free version and If you find it helpful then you can consider premium plans.


  • Cross platform support
  • Export of files is possible
  • 4k supported
  • Free to use


  • ❌ Buy premium plans for full features.


Kine master is another leading platform for editors. It's also popular for its exclusive features, but you need to buy premium plans for that. Don't worry it is also amazing in the free version. You can use it in the beginning and after you can purchase premium plans.


  • Multi track support
  • Advance features
  • 4k support


  • ❌ Watermarks in free version.

Keep In mind: That if you want the Mod APK version without watermark for free, you need to read this article for full information about Kinemaster Mod APK with its downloading option.


ACTION DIRECTOR as it's named it's one of the most powerful software for editing. This is more useful for short video editing like tik tok and reels videos. This is an android based app and supports a lot of effects like slow motion, fast forwarding and visual effects.

If you are looking for a short video editing app then this is a good choice for you.


  • A lot of visual effects
  • 4k support
  • Export and direct upload files


  • ❌ Not for pro users
  • ❌ Can't render heavy files.

This is a very easy to use the app for you.


Filmmaker pro is also a popular video editing app and is available with a big quantity of tools. You can edit your videos and use some effects like visual effects, sound effect.

You can also use some copyright free music for background. Although this app is among the top apps it's not very powerful to handle high quality editing. If you are a beginner level content creator then you can use it.


  • Copyright free music
  • A lot of tools
  • 4k support
  • Creative visual effects


  • ❌ Not so powerful
  • ❌ For beginners only.

These are the top 5 apps for mobile devices to start editing and learning about some techniques for editing.

Thank you guys for your support and welcome again for more topics regarding this. If we have forgotten any application to include in our list then please tell us about it in comment box. We will be happy for your response. Thank you for reading.

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