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Kinemaster VS PowerDirector

Looking for a versatile video editor app for your social media videos? However, jumbled which video editor app is better and easy to use. Yes, these are the point where everyone gets confused, especially when you are a beginner. There are many applications for editing videos but finding the right one is a hard nut to crack.

But, no worries. Here`s our exclusive comparison of the top video editing apps for mobile phones; Kinemaster VS PowerDirector App. We are going to look at the strong and weak points of both Kinemaster and PowerDirector to help you out in choosing the best video editor app for you.

Kinemaster VS PowerDirector

Let`s start by getting familiar with the intro and features of Kinemaster and PowerDirector.

What is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is an efficient, powerful, and full-featured video editor application for Android and iOS mobile devices. It lets you import media from different sources, create a timeline of videos, and edit all of your selected videos simultaneously on your mobile.

It is renowned for its beautiful features and user-friendly UI which can be understood by everyone easily. It also features some advanced video editing features that are rarely seen in other video editing apps. It allows you to encode your videos in high quality best for uploading on social media sites. The users are empowered with a wide range of motion graphic tools to add text, captions, or multiple layers of graphics.

Exclusive features of Kinemaster Video Editor

  • Provide separate layers to add text, images, video effects, etc to your videos.
  • Organize video timeline frame-by-frame.
  • Special feature for adding personal sketches and writing in the videos.
  • In-built collection of awesome video effects, overlays, burns, and music.
  • Live Preview to watch the real-time video editing effects.
  • Chromakey feature to easily change or remove the background of your video.
  • A wide array of transitions.
  • Adding cool animations to make your video more appealing.tickers.
  • Multiple stages of editing and text formatting for captions and titles.
  • Controlling video speed. You can increase or decrease the video speed.
  • Manage your video music separately.
  • Real-time audio recording for voice overlay.
  • Directly share your created videos to social media like Facebook and YouTube.

What is PowerDirector App?

PowerDirector is a premium video editing app perfect for professional video editors who want to create elite-quality videos, stunning trailers, and astonishing intros. It comes with a cinematic view application interface with powerful video editing tools.

A great package for professionals to unleash the untouched creativity. True velocity to adjust speed especially for slow-mo. Key-frame control to adjust the transparency, rotation, position, and size of images. The editing, after effects, and transitions are super smooth and fabulous. PowerDirector allows you to cut or trim video by footages, add imported images, and apply effects to videos.

Features of PowerDirector App:

  • Ultimate-quality videos. You can edit and export your videos in 4K resolution.
  • A multipurpose and fully featured editor that fulfills the needs of almost every kind of video editing.
  • Plates help you in organizing, splitting, and rotating videos easily.
  • Video color, brightness, and saturation editing tool.
  • Great variety of video effects including blur, fade, and chrome effects.
  • Jaw-dropping effects
  • Multiple timelines simplify combining multiple videos, music, or other media.
  • Adding Text, Caption, and Title on videos
  • The Focal Plane System offers true velocity for adjusting video and sound speed.
  • Super quick video creation with help of hundreds of free templates, effects, filters, and background music.

Now let us get into the final comparison of the features.

Kinemaster VS PowerDirector


  • Simple and user-friendly UI
  • High-quality video output best for social media
  • A splendid array of transitions, effects, overlays
  • Real-Time audio recording for voice overlay
  • Precision controls
  • Free version with all basic editing features and premium version for advanced users


  • Cinematic application Interface
  • Extreme 3D & 4K quality video output perfect for professional work
  • Hundreds of built-in effects
  • Integrated Screen recording facility
  • Multicam editing
  • Only trial version. You have to buy a premium membership in the long run

My final verdict

Still confused about which one is the best video editing app. Let me sort it out for you. No doubt, both of them are the top video editor apps. However, if you are a beginner or an average user who wants an editor for your social media videos then Kinemaster would be the best option for you. Its interface is quite simple that can be easily understood by everyone and it is free to use.

PowerDirector is a premium video editor will a bit complex application interface. In case you are a professional editor and want a video editing app that supports 4K resolution quality and advanced features then you should go for the PowerDirector app. So you see, in not just about the application but also about the type of user. If you still have confusion or questions, let me know in the comments.

These is for today I hope this tutorial will help you. In case if you face any problem leave comment below and I will help you ASAP.

Thank you for Reading.

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