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Download Kinemaster App without watermark for your video Editing on your PC

AS all we know Kinemaster app is one of the quality video editing app in Plays tore for smartphones, As It originally developed for Smartphone model only, we cannot use this app in our Computer (PC),
But wait! there is a way to use this app in your PC, and this will achieved with the help of some other third party apps which are usually called an Emulators. An emulator is hardware or software that enables one computer system to behave like another computer system. Emulators are in large part apps. Those Emulators can help you to install Mobile version apps in your Computer (PC), Most of those apps are originally evolved for the game apps that you can easily play your android game apps in your PC instead of using your phone. These Emulators are super power apps that they hosted a variety of apps and after when you try to install one of these apps you're going to have an access to any Smartphone app to simply install in your Computer (PC). Using the emulator apps you can run many popular android games and applications on your computer.

So what is the original path to dowload Kinemaster Mod App in your Computer (PC).

path to dowload Kinemaster app in PC

There are a lot of Emulator apps that can help you to download mobile version apps in your Computer. Here are some of the most powerful and best Emulators

In your case, you can download any Android Emulator app you want, But in this tutorial I will go through BlueStacks app

Keep in mind that most of the Emulators will require an effective pc to run. Computer with having 8GB or more RAM and 2GB free ROM in its hard drive is much more better to run the Emulator app in your pc convinently.

1st Download Bluestacks app

First you need to download bluestacks app in you computer, to do this, simply Click this link Then next be patient until it going to complete the downloading process. Next after the app completely downloaded, click on the file, or simply from your browser, right click on the file you downloaded located in the bottom of your browser, Next click on open Then wait until to the app popup its downloading information's and after it finishes its downloading process the app will open automatically. In your case if its now no longer opened automatically double click on on the app icon to open it. Now you've got absolutely downloaded Blustacks app.

If your PC have low RAM you may get this warning

Performanance Warning
You may experience slow performanance with Bluestacks due to the slow avaliable RAM. Please consider closing some programs and continue.

If you get the above warning message Click on Continue anyway button.

again you my get another warning that is related to hardware assisted virtualization for better performance, and you should click on Continue anyway button. Next Google Play store box will popup and here there is big difference. its totally up to you. But let me know you what you can do next.
The Google play Store Box tells you sign in to discover modern Android apps, Right? in this situation if you want to download the Kinemaster Pro app which is the Original paid app that simply you can get it from Plays tore with having its much more features, you ought to click on the signin Button then navigate the app and when you found it download and continue edit your video with the watermark, and remove the watermark through paying monthly. But If you want to do your video without watermark simply Click on I'll do it later button.

In Summary
If you want the entire feature of Kinemaster app with its pro version you have to to sign in and download the app from play Store, and their watermark will be removed when you pay them. On the other hand if you want to having less feature as compared to the pro version and without watermark for free. click on I'll do it later button.

Simply in this tutorial I will go through the Kinemaster app without watermark for free. So I will click on I'll do it later Next, Like what we actually do to locate Kinemaster mod apk on our phone's browser to get it, the same here you should find the browser to get Kinemaster mod apk (Not play Store), to do so there are tabs on the top left side of the dashboard. click on one of them called My games next click on the System apps next click the chrome browser icon called Browser Then the app will open the browser in its new tab, next wait the app until completely opens the browser, next in the browser's search box type download Kinemaster mod apk, Or type the website URL which you already know that hosted the Kinemaster mod apk download option,

2nd Download Kinemaster App inside Bluestacks app

In this tutorial I will go through our Website URL that hosted the Kinemster mod apk without watermark, and this is the URL , copy this link then paste it to that browsers search box, subsequent hit enter in your computers keyboard, subsequent you will arrive in our websites Kinemaster mod apk tutorial then scroll to the bottom of that web page then you will find the downlead button and click on it. Next wait until fully completely downloaded its just like what we do on our phone when we downlead it. It may also warning you that this app may harm your device, however simply click on keep anyway. After it completes its downloading process, There might be popup white screen that promoted us to install Kinemaster then you definitely should click on Install and wait... Then click on the done button, next see the app between Google play and System apps by clicking on My game button on the top left side of the app. It may takes time to appear there.

After you find the app simply leave it as it is, lets do another job to be prepared for our video editing process,
That is the System Apps folder located in the My game button on the top left side of the app.

When We try to edit any video in our smartphones we have been taken the image, recorded voice, videos and other different documents from our phone's main file manager storage, then we can simply edit our video through importing those documents from our phone's file manager storage, that is the best way but right here in this case you can't do like that, Instead you must be import your images, recorded voices and other videos from the Computer's hard drive to the File manager folder then you can simply import your files from this File manager to your Kinemaster mod apk app, Next you will enjoy you video editing process, To do so, Go click on My game Button on the top left side of the app. Next Click on System Apps folder Next click on File manager Next Click on "Import Files From Window" After that you simply Import all of the necessary videos and images from your hard drive which you want to use them when you begin to edit your video, Next See all of your imported files in your File Manager then let those files stored in that folder and let's begin editing those necessary files on our Computer.

 Kinemaster app in PC

3rd Enjoy Editing your video in Kinemaster app

To start Editing Click on the installed Kinemaster App icon Then The App will open in new tab of the Blustacks App. After that start to import your document from the stored file manager folder that we saved earlier to Kinemaster video editing Dashboard, After that start to Edit your files Finally after you finish your editing process start to Export your Video. Enjoy Editing as well.

Keep in mind in case if your video cannot Export Well take a look at this factor might block you from exporting your video that is when you trying export your video with the highest resolution, So to solve that issue, When you start to export your edited video Keep your video resolution 1080 HD or 720 HD then Finally the error will move and your video will begin to export very well.

This is for today I hope this tutorial will help you. In case if you face any problem leave comment below and I will help you ASAP.

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