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PixelLab The best text over picture editor App

There are a lot of apps available on the play store to write text on pictures. But, most of them are paid or free version comes with limited features and low-quality outputs. Therefore, finding the right app with multiple cool features to write stylish text on pictures while keeping the picture quality maintained is like searching for a grain of rice in open grass nowadays. But wait, No more worries. We are here to resolve your issues. This article is going to cover some of the most frequently asked questions related to how to write text on pictures.

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Today, we have come up with the latest tutorial on PixelLab, the best free app to write text on pictures. Just stay tuned with us. In this exclusive tutorial, you will learn how to use the PixelLab app as a photo editor to write text on photos, write 3D texts on images, enhance images, background editing, adding stylish text, overlays, shapes and stickers, and much more.

Starting with the basic intro of PixelLab and its features.

What is PixelLab App?

PixelLab – Text on pictures, is not just a free app to write text on photos but also a professional photo editor tool loaded with the latest photo editing features empowering you to do pretty much everything on the photos you could on your phone.

PixelLab is a fully loaded and powerful photo editor app to write text on pictures. A very handy and free photo editor app with many amazing features. Overlays, remarkable image effects, background editing, stickers, emoji, photo blending, and drawing over the photos are some cool features of this app besides the write text on pics feature. PixelLab has made photo editing, blending, drawing, and writing text over pictures super-easy. A clean and simple interface with a wide selection of presets, fonts, backgrounds, and more than 60 unique options empower users to draw their imaginations on the screen to design stunning graphics and edit photos with a professional finish.

PixelLab is the easiest and best way to share your thoughts and quotes with the world by writing them over pictures. It lets you import your pictures from your Photo Gallery to be used as background. Also, it lets you edit and enhance the images by customizing photos, applying filters and overlays. You can design your stunning quotes pictures or memes using your photos or built-in backgrounds, ready to be shared with your friends on social media and rock like a rising star.

Key features:

PixelLab – Text on pictures comes with the hottest and easy-to-use photo editing features, pretty much enough to design your perfect pictures just in minutes.

  • Multiple Text: add and customize multiple texts and text boxes as you like.
  • 3D Text: Design stunning 3D texts and beautify your images with them, or you can let them stand on their own in a cool poster.
  • Text effects: Customize and remodel your texts with dozens of cool text effects. Text shadow, inner Shadow, color, background, reflection, stroke, emboss, mask, 3D text, and much more to explore.
  • Text color: Make your text more appealing with colors, a simple color, a linear gradient, a radial gradient. You can also fill your text with an image texture or as you want.
  • Text font: pick your desired stylish font from 100+ handpicked fonts. You can also use your own fonts.
  • Stickers: add your favorite stickers, emojis, and shapes and customize them as you want.
  • Import images: Import your own images, pictures, and clicks from your photo gallery. You can also import your own stickers or whatever picture media you may want.
  • Draw: Show your drawing skills on the screen. Pick up a pen, select its size, color, and draw your imaginations or anything you want on the picture. Once done, the drawing acts like a shape object and you can easily resize it, rotate it, or add shadow to it.
  • Background customization Make your own unique background by importing your pictures or edit the built-in backgrounds.
  • Remove the background: You can make the green screen, blue screen, or even a white background behind an object in an image, transparent with a single click.
  • Image perspective editing: Easily perform photo perspective editing (warp). A great feature for replacing a monitor's content, positioning a road sign's text, and adjusting or adding logos on boxes.
  • Image effects: Dozens of stunning image effects to enhance your picture look and quality. Most popular effects include vignette, stripes, hue, and saturation.
  • Export your Image: Save or share your finalized picture and images in your desired format and resolution.
  • Share to social media: Quick share buttons to share your designed pictures directly to social media apps with a click of a button.
  • Create memes: Built-in meme preset lets you easily create your own memes ready for sharing in a matter of seconds.
  • Insert Quotes: Browse hundreds of famous quotes and insert anything you may like in your project.
  • Save as a project: you can save your creations as a project for future use. It will be stored and you can continue working on it whenever you may like.

How to use PixelLab – Text on pictures?

Now moving towards the main tutorial. As you have seen, PixelLab is mainly designed to make writing text on pictures and creating posters on phone easily. However, it also includes a lot of other useful features that can be used to enhance your pictures, taking your editing to the next level.

1. Download PixelLab – Text on pictures

First of all you need to download the latest version of PixelLab. If you haven`t downloaded it yet. You can download PixelLab – Text on pictures for free from the Play Store for Android or App Store for Apple iOS. Make sure you are downloading the right App. Below you can see the original PixelLab – Text on Pictures app by App Holdings. Now simply click on Install.

Pixellab photo Editor

2. How to write text on Picture using PixelLab?

Starting with a basic beginners guide

The very first look when you open the PixelLab look like this:

Pixellab photo Editor

A very simple and handy user-interface with a default “New Text” template featuring a plain radiant background. This is the main control screen of this app. It lets you easily access all different features of this app. You can do whatever you want to do from here. The main editing area is big enough for smooth editing:

Pixellab photo Editor

A. Writing Text on picture

First, select the text box, then click on the “Pencil” icon fixed at the top left corner of the app. You can also simply double click on the New Text box to edit the text and write text in the text box.

Pixellab photo Editor

Write text and click ok. It will add your text over the picture.

Pixellab photo Editor

B. Importing Pictures as background

You can import your pictures from your photo gallery. In order to import a picture in the background, click on the three white dots fixed at the top right corner. Then hit on use image from gallery.

Pixellab photo Editor

Allow access or give PixelLab permission to access your gallery/media. Once done select your desired picture or photo. After that, it will give many options like crop, set resolution, flip & rotate. Crop and adjust the ratio of the photo as you want and then click on the tick sign at the right bottom.

Pixellab photo Editor

Your photo will be loaded and will be automatically set to background. Now, it’s ready for editing. Create memes, your quote pictures or whatever you want to try.

Pixellab photo Editor

C. Saving your creations and sharing pictures

You can export your pictures and save them in your photo gallery. In order to save the picture in your phone gallery, click on the three white dots fixed at the top right corner. Then hit on export image. You can also simply click on the save disk icon then save as image.

Pixellab photo Editor

After that select the image format and quality. Select jpg format for normal pictures and png format if you want to make your picture transparent friendly. Then select your required quality and click on Save to Gallery. You can also directly share your pictures to your social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. by using the quick share buttons.

Pixellab photo Editor

3. Some advance features of PixelLab – Text on Pictures

a.Text Editing

Done writing your text over pictures. Now it`s time to edit the text and make them more appealing. PixelLab lets you edit your text in in-depth detail and makes your text look superbly hot. You can change the font style, boldface, color, size, orientation, alignment, position, rotation, and spacing.

You can also apply advance features like 3D Text, background texture, opacity, text mask, shadow, and reflection.

The “A” Icon

Just select your text and then click on the “A” Icon that appears at the bottom.

Pixellab photo Editor

Here you can find all the text editing features. You can swipe left and right over the bar to see other features. You can also find the 3D text feature at the end.

Pixellab photo Editor

Select the 3D text feature and mark it enabled. You will find more options under the 3D text for detailed editing.

Pixellab photo Editor

Looks great! But still, there are a lot of features that you can explore and make your text more exquisite.

B. Browsing & Adding Quotes

These days, it a craze and rising trend to put text & quotes on pictures and images to make them more captivating. PixlLab – Text on pictures allows you to browse the most famous quotes and put them on your pictures easily.

Leave your text selection empty by clicking on the background picture or blank area. Now click on the “A” icon. It will show an option of adding quotes. You can find the famous quotes of different niches and put them on your pictures with one click.

Pixellab photo Editor

C. Adding pictures, Shapes, Stickers, emojis & Drawing

PixelLab – Text on pictures allows you to import your pictures over other pictures or background and add stickers, shapes, emojis over them.

The “Hexagon” icon

Click on the Hexagon icon fixed at the bottom of the app.

Pixellab photo Editor

Here you can find all the options related to adding pictures and shapes. You can also draw over the pictures by using the Draw feature.

D. Background editing

PixelLab – Text on pictures allows you to make your own unique background through background customization and adding your own pictures.
You can also make the green screen, blue screen, or even a white background transparent for logos.

The “PIP” Icon

Pixellab photo Editor

Click on the PIP icon that appears at the bottom of the app. Here you can find all the features related to background editing.

E. Image effects & editing

In addition to the main writing text on images feature, PixelLab also provides image editing features that can enhance your picture to a great extent.

The “Wand” Icon

Click on the Wand icon that appears at the right bottom of the app.

Pixellab photo Editor

As you click, you will find some filters like vignette, noise, and stripes that can be applied to the images. You will also find multiple options to edit your picture and adjust its brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation and enhance its quality.

Great! Now you are ready to start designing your exciting quotes pictures, logos, making memes, or whatever you want using this simple yet best app to write text on pictures, PixelLab.

Share your experience in the comment box.

Thank you for your reading.

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