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OBS Studio QuickStart Tutorial 2021

Open Broadcast Software Studio renowned as OBS studio is a free video recording and live streaming software. It`s absolutely free, open-source, and cross-platform — Windows, Mac, and Linux utility. It lets you record your screen or video games and broadcast yourself over the internet using the most popular live streaming services such as YouTube,, and Facebook.

How to use OBS to record screen?

You can find many screen recording software in the market. Two popular screen recording software are Camtasia and Screenflow. However, both are paid and everyone can`t afford them easily. While OBS setup with solid audio and video configuration becomes a powerful and flexible screen-recording tool.

There are many ways of using OBS. But, in this tutorial, we will guide on you how to set up the OBS studio for screen recording.

1. Download and Install OBS

If you haven`t downloaded the OBS studio, click the following button to download the latest version of OBS Studio according to the instructions for your OS. Download from here

After installation is complete, Lunch the OBS studio. The first screen that appears will look something like this, may vary depending on your operating system.

1.1 Run the auto-configuration wizard

OBS screen Recorder

When OBS loads for the first time, a pop prompts asking you to automatically configure the best system setting according to your hardware. If you don`t want to go into details and want to get started as soon as possible, simply click yes. Follow the good steps in the wizard window and you are ready to go.

If you don`t see the Auto-Configuration Wizard at the very first start of OBS, you can always access it through the Tools menu at the top to reset the default settings. The wizard will automatically analyze your hardware and suggest you the best setting for your system. These settings include recording, streaming, resolution, bitrate, encoder, streaming provider (commonly YouTube or Twitch), and more. You also can change the default settings manually later.

2. Screen Recording Quick Setup

If you don`t want to go with the Auto-Configuration wizard, you can also set up OBS studio according to your own customized settings. OBS uses Scenes and Sources to manage video, audio, and other production assets. In the bottom left corner of the OBS window, you can see the Scenes and Sources features.

OBS screen Recorder

Here you can see a default Scene is already installed.

2.2. Add your Sources for Scene

You want to capture; your window, gameplay, audio-only or image slide show, etc. Initially, there is no default Source in OBS Studio. You have to select a source that you may want to capture.

You can add a source inside the selected Scene. The selected Scene is highlighted by blue color. Under the Sources Section, click the “+” (plus) button available at the bottom of the panel.

OBS screen Recorder

You can select the right source that you want to capture. You can go for Display Capture or Screen Capture for normal screen recording for Windows and Mac OS respectively. You can also select a Media Source or Video Capture Device for a capture card or webcam.

Select the source and press “Ok” on the next pop-up window.

OBS screen Recorder

In case you are a Laptop User and your Source is not configured successfully or if it shows a black screen, you can read the troubleshooting guide. For Advance settings, you can read more about the Scenes and Sources by clicking here.

2.3 Configure your Audio devices

OBS Studio records your system desktop audio device and microphone by default. You can verify that both devices are configured and active by looking at the volume meters under the Mixer section.

OBS screen Recorder

If the devices won`t show up here or they are not working properly, you can reconfigure them by going to Settings and then the Audio option to select the devices manually.

Mac OS does not provide any direct method to capture desktop audio devices. Thus, in case you are a Mac OS user, you have to install an extra extension to capture desktop audio. Click here to download it.

2.4 Configure Your Recordings destination

Now select a destination path where you want to save your recordings. Under the Controls section click on Settings.

OBS screen Recorder

Now Select the Output option and click on Browse to choose the destination on your computer where you would like to save your recorded videos.

OBS screen Recorder

Let us record our first video

All done, we are all ready to start recording our very first video using OBS Studio. Simply click on the Start Recording button to start the recording.

OBS screen Recorder

Once you are done creating your video, you can click the Stop Recording button to stop the recording. Your recorded video will be saved at your selected destination path.

Now you are all good to start creating your great video content using OBS Studio like a professional.

These is for today I hope this tutorial will help you. In case if you face any problem leave comment below and I will help you ASAP.

Thank you for Reading.

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