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css code

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.

CSS is the Key for website design. CSS is a standard style sheet language used for describing formatting and layout of the web pages.

This chapter is the the first chapter of our CSS tutorials.

In order to continue learning CSS you should have a basic understanding of HTML web programming Language. If not learn HTML click here.

As I said in our first HTML tutorial, lets assume a website is looks like your body, then HTML is the skeleton of he website body. CSS is the color and muscle structure of the website and JavaScript is the movable part of the website body.

So you understand how useful is CSS for style sheet of the Website.

What can you do with CSS?

With CSS ..

  • You can saves a lot of time on creating responsive and best web layout, once you make the code you can use whenever you call it.
  • You can easily linked or make inside of the HTML code.
  • You can make the same page differently on different devices with the help of its responsive style.
  • You can style dynamic states of elements such as hover, active, focus, etc..
  • You can create transitions and animations effects.
  • You can give color, background color, mean all formatting style for all HTML elements.

What will you learn with our CSS tutorial?

You will learn..

  • How to change color, background color and formatting of the HTML elements.
  • How to apply style for lists, Tables and comments of the HTML elements.
  • How to style for HTML elements with having border, margin, padding, and all model boxes.
  • How to apply width and height for the HTML elements
  • How to apply position, and display style for the HTML elements.
  • How to apply style for making attractive buttons and Image gallery.
  • How to apply border, shadow, gradients effects for the HTML elements.
  • How to make responsive web pages which appears differently for different sized devices. And much more..

If you are ready, start learning for the whole tutorial.

In the next chapter you will start our basic CSS Tutorial. To continue click next...

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