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Online URL checker tool Review

Last Updated: 8 months ago
Urlschecker Online URL checker tool

Sometimes some URLs has has been shortened and hide behind URL shortener tools, With these tools you can hide any URL you want so no one can notice your primary URL

There are a lot of URL Checker tools on the web. Through these tools you check any URL you want.

What is URL checker?

URL checker is a tool that can help you to parse and check your provided URL from security privacy issues.

Using these tools can help you to scan any website you've given. So you will be free from entering to a malicious web pages.

Urlschecker is an online URL checker tool than help you to scan any website you give.

How it does work?

To check the URL you have, just go to this URL and type in the URL in the box then with in one time of your eye blinking your result will be come up. Here is the result I have got during my testing time. url expander

When I tried using Google domain, it gives me 100% trust score.

According to the website's trust score measurement the score has been measured based on various measurement s. Eg. Here is another test.


Its domain has 55% trust score 😆

One of the interesting thing about this online tool is that it can check redirects too, If you have found and URL that has been shortened by URL shortener tool, you can bring it to this URL checker tool, so you can see where will you go and you can see its Screenshot before you have click on it.


With this URL checker tool you can see which URL is redirecting and to where it redirects you.

urlschecker can help you in your SEO too, It can help you to see any website's title, description, keywords and other meta data.

If you want, you can try it on yourself by clicking this URL, hope it helps.

That's it from me 😊 , Thank you for reading.

Writer Image Kifle Tesfay

Full stack Web developer, Founder of Mefth and Userparser.

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