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Top 6 best URL safety checker tools

Last Updated: 8 months ago

With the ever-growing number of websites on the web, it is essential to ensure that your website is up and running at all times. After all, if your website isn’t working correctly, customers won’t be able to visit or purchase from you. To make sure this isn’t a problem for you, you should use a URL checker tool. URL checkers are tools that scan a website and report any issues with the page or server. In this article, we will discuss 6 of the best URL checker tools available and how they can help you maintain a reliable website.

1: Google Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing is a free service that helps protect your website from malicious content. This service checks websites against a database of unsafe websites and notifies you if it finds anything suspicious. You can then take action to fix the problem and help keep your site safe.

To use Google Safe Browsing, check your URL in this page

2: Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is a URL checker tool that can help you to identify whether a website is safe to visit. It uses a database of known malicious websites to check URLs against, and displays a warning if the site is known to be unsafe. Norton Safe Web also allows you to submit URLs for analysis, and will give you a report on any potential risks associated with visiting the site.

To use the Norton URL safety checker tool, go to this page 👉

3: McAfee SiteAdvisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor is a URL checker tool that helps you to identify malicious websites and avoid them. It works by scanning URLs and checking them against a database of known malicious websites. If a website is found to be malicious, SiteAdvisor will block it and warn you.

SiteAdvisor is available as a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It can also be used on Android and iOS devices.

To see how the McAffe siteAdvisor works check it out here 👉

4: WOT (Web of Trust)

WOT is a user-driven web of trust that shows you which websites you can trust based on the experiences of other users. It’s a great way to get a feel for whether or not a website is safe before you visit it. The WOT community uses ratings and reviews to indicate the level of trustworthiness, merchant reliability, child safety, and privacy for each website. You can see these ratings in your search results when you use WOT-compatible browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. When you install the WOT extension or add-on, you’ll also see colored icons next to links in your search results that show you the levels of trustworthiness, merchant reliability, child safety, and privacy for each website.

To know how it works, check it out here 👉

5: Sucuri SiteCheck

Sucuri SiteCheck is a free and easy-to-use website security checker. Simply enter your URL and click "Scan Website". Sucuri SiteCheck will then check your website for common security issues, including malware, injected code, blacklist status, and more.

If any security issues are found, Sucuri SiteCheck will provide details on what needs to be fixed and how to fix it. Sucuri SiteCheck is a great way to quickly check your website's security status and identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Try it here

6: Bitdefender TrafficLight

Bitdefender TrafficLight is a free URL checker tool that can be used to check the safety of websites. TrafficLight uses a database of known malicious websites to flag any sites that are potentially unsafe. TrafficLight also has a browser extension that can be used to check the safety of links in real-time.


URL checker tools are an invaluable asset for anyone who needs to make sure their website is up and running. We have provided you with a comprehensive list of the top 6 URL checker tools, which will help you keep your website safe and secure. The right tool can save you time, money, and frustration when it comes to monitoring your website’s performance. So take a few moments to research each one of these options so that you can choose the best URL checker tool for your needs.

That's it from me 😊 hope it help, thanks.

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Full stack Web developer, Founder of Mefth and Userparser.

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