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Top 10 Best & Easy ways to increase your YouTube views for free

Last Updated: 7 months ago
Tips to increase youtube views

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet and the best place to advertise or for video show-place. However, ranking your YouTube channel is quite challenging nowadays.
In this unique article, I`ll share some magical ways how to get more YouTube views for free and YouTube hacks to boost your YouTube channel. If you are a new YouTuber, this article is exclusively dedicated to you. It will help you out getting your first 1000 free YouTube subscribers and increase watch time to reach 4000 watch hours super-fast.

The Power of YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine which receives 1.5 Billion users per month.
Every minute 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. We watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day.

Every YouTube creator has his/her own video creativity style. And for all those, we mentioned a number of videos are created by the superpower YouTube Creators. They create videos that are valuable to their users. Especially, all the time they struggle to satisfy their subscribers.

Now you need to join those kinds of creators, or simply you need to increase YouTube views... Right?

You're in the right way.

In this tutorial, you will find the secrets of how to get more views on YouTube for free.

If you haven`t created a YouTube channel yet, check out my tutorial How to create YouTube a channel first.

Now let`s continue to our main topic.

After uploading your video on YouTube, you must write an engaging title and comprehensive video description that perfectly describes your video content. Your title and description should contain the main keywords (Tags) to ensure your video ranks nicely.

But the one that you shouldn't forget to fill in completely and accurately is here number one main reason how to get more views on YouTube and boost your YouTube channel,

That is -->

1st method: Write suitable Tags related to your video content

youtube tags

Tags are keywords that used to describe your video content and make the video known by YouTube search engine, when you write very good tags related to your video, your video category, topic, and more will easily know by Google and YouTube search engines, means your tags are the keyword of your video.

Consider when you search any content on YouTube the video you get below the search box are mostly coming by their written tags, which are related or similar to the words you entered in your search box. So now you see how important tags are when viewers search for your content.

Good tags will increase your video impressions on YouTube and ultimately increase views and subscribers.

But Keep in mind when you write tags for your video, write it in short and briefly describes your video,

As YouTube allows you to write more tags in your single video, don't write or fill in all the tag box, instead fill the box by few and keywords that describe your video easily to YouTube. Especially-->

Take a look at the first 5 keywords, as they will enough words to describe your video content. But first, think about how viewers search your content then move towards picking the right tags for your video.

Don't make tags too short, as they may not enough words for YouTube to know about your video content or category.

Don't make tags too long, as they may not understandable by YouTube search engine.

Make your tags more related to your video content. Google and YouTube understand your content by your tags and rank it against these tags. In order to increase impressions and get more views and subscribers, your tags must be related to your content and in accordance with your audience.

Good Luck with making your tags.

2nd method: Make Thumbnails More attractive and best describe your video content in short.

YouTube is a visual platform where people watch videos. Every time when we open the YouTube app before clicking on any video in YouTube we see thumbnails of the videos first. After you see the images and read the text written on the thumbnails you may decide to click on the video or simply skip the video is totally depends on the thumbnail of that video. So now you understand that how thumbnails are important to decide to click on those videos or not. In a nutshell, effective thumbnails will bring more clicks and help to get more views on YouTube videos.

When you make thumbnails make it best describes to your YouTube video, then people will expect the same result as written in your thumbnails. Otherwise, if you make your thumbnail misleading to your video content, people will jump out from your video, and they will lose trust in most YouTube creators due to the misleading thumbnails. Not that only, making misleading thumbnails will violate YouTube community guidelines.

So make sure on making the best thumbnails that describe your video content and people will get what they expect from your thumbnails. Not only that making thumbnails that describe your video content is the best tool for the YouTube algorithm to know more about what your video is about and category. So YouTube recommendation and suggestions system is working on, to make your video more recommended to others to get free views.

You can make thumbnails on your mobile devices by using the pixel app for free.

Keep in mind when you make YouTube thumbnails make the size 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall. The ratio of 16:9 is often used by YouTube previews. And these sizes are available in the pixel app

You should download the YT Studio app that is available for free in play store And App store. YouTube Studio app allows you to show all analytic of your YouTube easily. Apart from this, the YouTube studio app has a lot of good features that help to get more views on YouTube. It allows you to edit your video tags, descriptions, title, and even thumbnails more easily.

When it comes to editing the thumbnails. Keep in mind if you didn't verify your YouTube channel account through your phone number, you can't get this feature. Moreover, the YouTube algorithm will not take your account seriously. In order to get this feature, you must sign in to your YouTube account in your favorite browser and verify your phone number. Once you verified your phone number, you will be able to edit your thumbnails in the YouTube studio app easily.

Include related and killing words and an eye-catchy image to make excellent thumbnails that will increase your click impressions and get you more views on YouTube.

Good luck with making your valuable YouTube thumbnails.

3rd method: make cards on your YouTube videos

Don`t let your viewers bounce to other videos. Keep them engaged by offering your related videos. Cards are special interactive feature for YouTube creators to encourage viewers to see what a related video is next or around and increase the interaction. They not only help to increase YouTube views but also increase your audience retention and watch time.

When you watch any video on YouTube, if the creator of that video have made cards on that video, you will see the card in the top right corner of that video. In order to see the written word of the video simply click the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

When you click in that icon you will be able to see for those card appears in the whole video.

When we come to cards YouTube allows us to make almost 5 cards in a single video.

If you want to make cards in your video, you must sign in to your YouTube channel account in your favorite browser, particularly go to

Then from the left sidebar click the videos tab then go to the video you want to edit cards. Then click on the icon beside the thumbnail of that video. Next, you will find the card tab on the right sidebar and click on it, it will open in a new tab. Next, you can edit your cards not only the video you want, but you can also make poll for viewers to have the options for choosing from the poll. For example at last of your video, you can make a poll to say for viewers to give you a rating on how good was that video. Not only that you can add a website, has video, playlist, or other channeled promotions in your cards. Now, you see how Cards help to get free views and increase watch time by using poll questions.

Make engaging and related cards to get more views on youtube for free.

Good luck with making your YouTube cards.

4th method: Make End screen for your YouTube videos

Another easy way to increase your views, watch time and hit the 4000 watch hour YouTube target. As I mentioned above in cards, the end screens are similar to the card you can find it through the method I wrote above.

End screens are the most interactive elements to increase your watch time and boost your YouTube channel by offering your related videos and subscribe now button to the viewers at the end of the current video

When you watch any video on YouTube, if the creator of that video have added end screens on that video, you will see one to four videos, or channel subscription, on over relay of that video at the end of that video. So you can click on any of the end screens of that video, as the result of this, viewers are more close to that channel, when you made like that feature on your YouTube channel, you can get more views for free from your linked end screens.

To make end screen for your video, you must sign in to your YouTube channel account in your favorite browser, particularly go to

Then from the left sidebar click on the videos tab and after that click the video you want to add End screens then click on the icon beside the thumbnail of that video. Next, you will find the End screen tab on the right sidebar and click on it, it will open in a new tab. Next, you can add your End screen not the video you want only, you can add a channel subscription logo for viewers to make subscribe to your YouTube channel easily. Not only that you can add playlist, other channel videos, or other channel promotions to your end screens.

Now you see how End screens help to get more views and subscribers on YouTube for free. Include end screens right now to boost your YouTube channel.

Good luck with making your YouTube End screens.

5th method: Make Playlists for your YouTube videos

Playlists are the most useful features of the YouTube platform. Playlist is a group related videos aligned in a single place with their popular category name. Any YouTube User can create a playlist and can add videos to it. After saving any video in the playlist you can access it any time and you can listen to all the video in ascending order.

Playlists are more useful for creators too. Creators can join all the related videos in one playlist, then for the other categories, you can do other types of playlist. So any user can access any category of your playlist and will watch for all those videos found in that playlist without interrupting. It increases the chances of getting more views on the related videos. To make playlists for your YouTube videos --> Go to your device YouTube app next open the video you want to create a playlist for, next click (play the video) next stay click over Save button and in the bottom some options will pop up like watch later and new playlist now click on NEW PLAYLIST Then give it the category name.

Finally, your video will be added to that playlist and if you want to add other same or related video to that playlist simply click on the Save button of that video then click in the playlists checkbox you find in the popup options. Finally,, your added videos will appear in one playlist. You can create as much as you want, and combine for those the same category videos in one playlist then do the same for the others. Then your viewers will find your playlist videos in your YouTube channel playlist tab.

Let`s get our viewers engaged in a detailed playlist and increase views for free.

Good luck with making your YouTube Playlists.

6th method: Use Your Community tab wisely

When your YouTube channel reaches 500 subscribers, YouTube will give you an extra feature called Community which appears after the playlist tab on the top navigation bar of your YouTube channel.

The Community tab is so useful feature it allows the creators to upload photos, gifs, and texts.

The Community tab is useful for keeping our Subscribers engaged. Through that feature when you can't upload a video at any time you can upload photos, gifs, and texts to inform or engage with your Subscribers. Apart from this you can ask or give options to your Subscribers through the polling system, you can ask them on which topic should you make a video for next time, and you can share yours or others video or playlist to your community tab, you can do a lot through Community tab.

Use it wisely, inform your Subscribers if any new update has happened. Either through text or image, or share your stories with your Subscribers, so the Subscribers will engage with your content easily. It keeps your Subscribers active increases the potential of getting more views on YouTube.

Good luck with making your YouTube Community Great.

7th method: Share your content with other YouTube creators community tab and other social media

If you have popular YouTube creator’s friends tell them to share your more popular video to their community tab, if you are a beginner and your video content is so valuable to the users, your shared video will go viral on YouTube as the result it will help you to boost your YouTube channel fast.

To do that first do more valuable content and take the one which is the best video from other of your videos and tell your popular YouTube creator friends to share your best video on their community tab, then your video will go more popular.

Especially if your subscribers count between 400 to 1000 subscribers, then your shared video will grow up you faster on YouTube.

Apart from this create your own Facebook page and Twitter account with your one and permanent logo then share your videos to those accounts too. Finally, all your content will grow up and those social Media will bring you more traffic to your YouTube channel.

Start sharing your videos now to get more traffic and boost your YouTube channel super-fast.

Good luck with sharing your YouTube videos.

8th Method: Write subtitles for your videos.

Subtitles are the most useful feature of YouTube. Writing subtitles means you can translate your video sound language to other written language. With the help of writing subtitles for your video, your video will be showed in other languages which means the other language speakers will see your video's subtitles while it plays on YouTube.

According to research, videos that have subtitles supports are watched 20% more times than others. Hence subtitles are an effective way to increase your audience retention as well as increase your watch time on YouTube.

Especially if your video language is for your local language, mean for non-international language, in the meantime if you write subtitles and translate it to other international languages, your video will reach best more viewers.

Good luck with making your subtitles.

9th Method: Make Hashtags

The hashtag are the tags that are added to your YouTube video titles and descriptions that denote a video’s topic or category, it is represented by the # symbol.

Hashtags are used to increase more viewers to your channel's videos, especially it help those who search with the same hashtag that you have written in your video's title or description, your videos will have a great opportunity to come first on the YouTube search engine. As the result, it will increase your video impressions and ultimately your views on YouTube.

Like other social media's (Tweeter, Facebook) hashtag, in YouTube, it is written as #hashtag name (the symbol must be placed before the word, otherwise, the hashtag will not work). If you want to add other words behind the first word, you just add underscore between the other words, then continue writing your hashtag names or you can write all the names that you want to make hashtag, then just add # symbol in front of the hashtag name. Finally, all the hashtags will display with their own # symbol in front of the hashtag name this is for each hashtag name with having white space between each hashtag name. If you want to write one long hashtag just separate the hashtag name by underscore between each other and one # symbol in front of the first hashtag will enough for all the long hashtag names.

So, always to try to add related #Tags in your videos to get more impressions and views for free.

Good luck with making hashtags.

10th Method: Make unique Content

Both, Google Search Engine and User demand original and unique content. If you do all the above practices for getting more views and boosting your YouTube channel but if your content is not original or credible, there is high a possibility you will fail to do so.

Content is the backbones of the video, without your backbone imagine how your body will stand.

Without unique content, all the above we mentioned are nothing, In order to get more views, you need highly needed and valuable content. Let’s take a look at why great content needed, when you make any research in any search engine you need valuable content that fits against your needs (but not a bunch of not useful content) Right?

The same, all your viewers want to watch your videos by reason, same like you, So you should satisfy them with your unique and valuable content which cover for the most of the topic you mentioned in your video's thumbnails and titles. Then your unique new and old viewers will increase more and more.

Good luck with making unique, creative, and valuable content.

That's it for today; these ways will surely help you out in increasing your views, watch time, and getting more impressions & subscribers. Make sure you practice all the tricks and ways to boost your YouTube channel super-fast.

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Full stack Web developer, Founder of Mefth and Userparser.

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