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The Secret of YouTube tags

Last Updated: 8 months ago
YouTube tags

YouTube Tags are the best words to teach YouTube and Google Algorithms better about your video. But this was working in the last few years. Nowadays YouTube sees your Tags carefully.

What does this mean?

YouTube Tags are keywords that are used to describe your video content and make the video known by YouTube search engine, when you write very good tags related to your video, your video category, topic, and more will be easily know by Google and YouTube search engines, means your tags are the keyword of your video.

Consider when you search any content on YouTube, the videos you get below the search box are mostly coming by their written tags and other metadata, which are related or similar to the words you entered in your search box.

YouTube users Search videos by writing a few main keywords then mostly they click on the first 1 to 5 videos from search, So to put your video in that place you have to write unique, short and descriptive tags.

How many maximum YouTube Tag characters are allowed?

YouTube allows you to write up to 500 characters in your single video tag, But you should avoid spammy behavior, meaning keep your tags short and descriptive.

YouTube clearly stated in their Support page, that putting an excessive amount of tags is even against their policy.

Youtube tags

When you write YouTube tags, focus on how your visitor can find your video from the YouTube search box. For example, your video is about all about
"how to create a website"
See how users can search for those kind of content

YouTUbe tags

Here we have 7 first unique most searched keywords in the above image, The above result is coming from users most searched keyword so if your content is how to create website and you mention some of those keywords in your video you should definitely insert those keywords in your video tag. and don't put all the tags instead focus in the first 5 keywords and add more your unique keywords below them, for example like this...

YouTUbe tags

What are the best practices when writing good YouTube tags?

When writing your YouTube tags:

  • Don't put more than 10 keywords.
  • Don't put less than 5 keywords.
  • Focus on the first 5 keywords.
  • Put unique keywords.
  • Don't put unrelated keywords to video.
  • Go some good YouTube tags generator tools and get some from them.

When you write your tags focus in the first 5 keywords, as the first 5 keywords are the main tags that inform your video to YouTube algorithm.

But Keep in mind when you write tags for your video, write it in short and briefly describes your video.

That's it for today, I hope it helps you. Thank You for reading.

Writer Image Kifle Tesfay

Full stack Web developer, Founder of Mefth and Userparser.

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