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4 easiest methods of creating a NEW website

Last Updated: 8 months ago
how to create a website

What is a Website?

  • Website is a collection of one or more pages that identified under one Domain name and published from at least one web server.
  • Website can have one or more pages, and the contents are published for different purposes.
  • Website acts us your home it can store and serve any thing that you bring to it, such as online shopping, posting information in the way of texts, images, videos and anything else too.

What can you do with a Website?

  • You can do an online shopping space.
  • You can publish various information's under one or more web pages.
  • You can meet people together in real time for different purposes. You can do much more with your website.

What you should have to build your own website?

To build your own website you need three things only.

These are...

Now lets see what you will do step by step

1, What mean you need a web developer (either you or someone else)?

First a website is dependable on the browser, mean website without browser and browser without website are both of them nothing. So in order to both of them work well, they must integrate each other, Mean the website brings contents and the browser will display those contents from their own sources.

The source of your website may be from your computer files and when you open to those files in the browser, the browser will display for those contents. Or if the source may be from the internet through identified Domain name (like so the browser will display for those contents from that source when you load it.

Those I call them files are must be made by either one or more HTML, CSS, JS, PHP... etc. web programming languages. So your browser can understand what types and how to display for those files. Else your browser cannot understand plain texts. So when you start to publish any contents to your website all your files should be written by either one or all of the those web programming languages.

Those web programming languages make the contents known by the browsers, mean any browser can understand only for those contents which are written by those types of web programming languages.

For example when you write contents by HTML

It looks like this...

<!DOCTYPE html>  
<title>Page Title</title>  
<h1>This is a Heading 1.</h1>  
<h2>This is a Heading 2.</h2>  
<p>This is a paragraph 1.</p>  
<p>This is a paragraph 2.</p>  

When you save the above basic HTML code in your computer as index.html then open the file in your browser, the displayed page will looks like that.

html code page

All the (<, > or /) and the red colored words will not display in the browser, they just to understand the browser on how and what data should be display, mean the greater than, less than or slashes and the red colored words are used by browsers to render the contents only. So that's way you see the contents only on the above image.

HTML is the basic and standard web programming markup language. If you want to a web developer or you need to make your site on your own, you need to start learning HTML first, Then next you should learn the others too, Finally you can build your own website, even you can work as a web developer, When you learn all the web programming languages, as the above example is the example of HTML web programming language only.

When you continue to learn other web programming languages, they will consume some amount of your time, and needs more concentrate on them.

If you can't do all those staffs on your own you need a web developer or web builder sites.

There are a lot of web developers on the internet, they work as a freelancing or other ways of work for you. If that's not comfortable to you, you need a web builder sites. There are a lot of free and paid sites that can build your favorite website.

The free web builder open source sites are, are the best content management system (CMS) and most popular web builders on the internet.

And there are others paid website builders like,, and others for few amount of dollars per month (depends on the type of your site).

But If you can learn all the staffs of web programming languages on your own you can build your own website without any third parties

Writer Image Kifle Tesfay

Full stack Web developer, Founder of Mefth and Userparser.

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