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About Us

Mefth is an online tutoring platform founded by Kifle Tesfay in 2019. On this site I offer tutorials on the fundamentals of basic web programming in HTML, CSS and it's related web technologies, helping for those YouTube Creators, microsoft window users and video editing tutorials.

I am passionate to help others of what I know, and to help others as the way of easiest and simplified methods.

I love learning and creating new things, as all we know frontend web developing is the client view side, in my free time I'm happy to create something new and unique tutorials that help others better on making their client side more attractive. Especially I write a lot of tutorials for those new to create website or learning basic web programming for beginners.

My Mission

My mission for

  • Web programming is to Explain the time consuming and confusing parts of web developing through the easiest and simplified methods.
  • For YouTube Creators is to understand and helping on growing their YouTube channel and other, depends on the visitors feedback.
  • For Windows users to help understand them on the best features of windows 10 especially. Apart from this I post for those window users problems solution tutorials to help them to fix it easily by themselves.
  • For video editing is to help understand others on how they can edit their own videos with their smartphone.

I hope if you're not new to my site you already enjoyed my tutorials as I was happy while I wrote it. Else if you are new I hope you will get something useful things from my tutorials.

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If you want to contact me directly regarding any thing, please contact me through this link and I will get back to you shortly.