Eritrean national football team Jersey
ናይ sport ክዳውንቲ
ናይ sport ክዳውንቲ
ናይ sport ክዳውንቲ
ናይ sport ክዳውንቲ


  • Product Weight 500 gram
  • ኣዝዩ ብሉጽ ዝኮነ ክዳን
  • ናይ ሃገርና ክዳን ንግዛእ
  • ክትሓልፈና ዘይብላ ክዳን
  • ጽኑዕ ዘይኣርግ ክዳን
Condition: New
Seller: Hani welday
(New Seller)
Shipping Country
  • Shipping origin - Egypt
  • ❌ Seller can't ship this Item to - United States
  • Delivery time - 7 days to 13 days
  • ❌ This Item Return - Not Allowed



  • Eritrean national football team Jersey
  • ኣዝዪ ብሉጽ ብባንዴራ ኤርትራ ዝደመቐን ዘብለጭለጨን
  • ናብ ዝደልኹሞ ሃገር ዝደለኹሞ ዓቐንን ብዝሕን
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